Eight Items Sold At Costco Have Received A Bulk Of Customer Complaints.

At Costco Warehouses, Customers May Choose From An Extensive Selection Of High-Quality Products, Ranging From Kirkland Brand Laundry Detergent To Scrumptious Treats From The Bakery And Food Court.

The Members Of The Club Don’t Feel The Need To Hide The Fact That Certain Things In Their Lives Are Absolute Necessities From Their Circle Of Friends. They Don’t Hold Back When It Comes To Bringing Up Subpar Food Products, Much To The Chagrin Of Costco, Who Owns The Store.

Although Everyone Has Their Own One-Of-A-Kind Preferences When It Comes To Shopping, The Items Listed Below Have Been Receiving Significantly More Negative Feedback Than Positive In Recent Weeks And Months.

Keep Reading If You Want To Learn About Some Of The Things That, The Next Time You Go Shopping At Costco, You Might Want To Steer Clear Of Purchasing.

Serving Trays Of Okami Sushi

Since The Beginning Of The Chain’s Existence, There Has Been Much Discussion Regarding The Freshly Made Sushi Sold At Costco And Its Quality. Some Of The Club’s Members Can’t Wait To Get Their Hands On It, While Others Aren’t Crazy About The Stuff And Hope It Never Makes It To Their Warehouse. Some Of The Club’s Members Are Absolutely Dying To Get Their Hands On It.

Despite This, The Issues With The Sushi Are Not Yet Resolved. Members Of The Club Have Expressed A Similar Level Of Dissatisfaction With Okami Sushi Party Trays, Which Are Also Available For Purchase At Costco.

Recently, An Announcement Was Made On Reddit That Trays Selling For $3.97 Each And Containing 25 Separate Pieces Were Now In Stock.

There Were Close To 200 People Who Participated In The Discussion, And Many Of Them Voiced Their Reluctance To Try “Clearance” Or “Discount” Sushi, While Others Harshly Criticized The Flavour Of This Type Of Sushi.

One Commenter On Reddit Likened It To The Sensation Of Chewing On Soft Plastic That Had Been Doused With Soy Sauce. It Was Stated By The Other Participant:

“One Of The Things That I Like Most About Shopping At Costco Is That The Majority Of Their Products Are Of A High Quality. This Is One Of The Reasons Why. It’s A Shame, But It All Comes To Nothing.”

Canadian Bacon From Jones Dairy Farm That Hasn’t Been Cured

After Receiving An Overwhelming Number Of Complaints About The Product, Jones Dairy Farm, The Producer Of The All Natural Uncured Canadian Bacon, Issued An Apology Letter To All Costco Members Who Had Purchased The Product. The Letter Was Sent After The Company Received The Complaints.

One Of Reddit’s Users Recently Uploaded A Scanned Copy Of The Letter That They Themselves Had Received.

The Following Is An Excerpt From The Statement That Was Issued: “We Have Identified A Quality Issue That May Result In The Product Having A Slimy Appearance.”

Concerns About Food Safety Are Unjustified Because Consuming This Product Does Not Pose Any Threat To Your Health.

Nevertheless, Jones Dairy Farm And Costco Are Of The Same Opinion That This Quality Problem Cannot Be Tolerated.

As Many Commenters Have Confirmed, Many Of The Most Recent Batches Of The Meat Were Discovered To Have A Slimy Film On Them.

According To The Letter, A Costco Gift Card Can Be Sent As Compensation To Any Customer Who Purchased The Potentially Contaminated Product.


One Reddit User Added Photos Of Mold That Was Growing On Avocados That They Had Just Purchased To The List Of Complaints That Others Have Been Posting About The Produce Section At Costco. They Wrote, “Ugh, I’m Going To Have To Send This Back In Order To Get My Money Back.”

The Comments Indicate That This Is Not An Isolated Incident, And That The Quality Of The Avocados Sold At Costco Has Been Deteriorating For Some Time.

Another Thread That Started Out As An Announcement That Costco Was Lowering The Price Of Avocados Very Quickly Devolved Into A Scathing Criticism Of The Product Itself.

There Were A Lot Of Complaints About How Rotten The Fruit Was Or How It Never Got Soft Enough To Eat Even After It Had Been Sitting Out For A While.

It Was Generally Agreed Upon That The Avocados From Mexico Available For Purchase Were Of A Higher Quality Than Their Peruvian Counterparts.

Collection Of Hot Sauces From Around The World

It Would Appear That The Global Gourmet Hot Sauce Collection At Costco Does Not Subscribe To The Philosophy That Variety Is The Key To A Flavorful Life. The Twelve Distinct Varieties Of Hot Sauce Range From Bourbon Hot Sauce From New Orleans To Cayenne Hot Sauce From Africa.

On The Other Hand, According To A Discussion That Was Just Started On Reddit, None Of The 12 Have Enough Flavor Or Heat.

“Someone Who Likes Things On The Spicy Side Would Definitely Not Want To Purchase This Or Receive It As A Gift. A Phrase Like “Just One Reply That Was Read And Had Over 200 +1s” Should Be Avoided. There Were Some People Who Tried The Sauces And Thought They Tasted Excessively Vinegary And Had A Poor Quality Overall.

Oven-Baked Chicken

What Happened To The Famous Chicken Bake’s Quality And Quantity, And Why Did It Change? Recent Reports Have Shown That The Item’s Popularity In The Food Court Has Decreased As A Direct Result Of The Pandemic.

Previous Customers Have Voiced Their Dissatisfaction With The Most Recent Version, Stating That It Lacks Flavour, Has A Much Reduced Amount Of Chicken, And Is Significantly Smaller In Size For The Same Or A Higher Price.

A User Expressed Their Dissatisfaction With The Product, Stating, “The Last Couple I Had Barely Had Any Chicken At All; It’s Basically Just An Expensive Baguette With A Thin Tube Of Salted Cheese Inside.”

It Is Not The First Time That Customers Have Complained About The Food Court At Costco; In The Past, They Have Also Questioned The Quality Of Items That Were Previously Praised There, Such As The Pizza And The Hot Dog That Are Sold There.

Mochi Ice Cream

Along With Kirkland Brand Hard-Boiled Eggs, Costco’s Boxes Of My Mochi Ice Cream Have Sparked An Intense Discussion On Reddit, With Over 200 Comments Posted So Far.

Fans Of The Mochi Variety Are Found In One Camp. This Variety Is Available In Flavours Such As Strawberry, Vanilla Bean, And Mango, And It Is Certain To Satisfy The Cravings Of Anyone With A Sweet Tooth.

However, Other People Were Not Quite As Impressed By It.

The Taste And The Texture Of The Mochi Were Roundly Criticized, And The Word “Horrible” Appears Quite Often Throughout The Thread.

Some Users Have Mentioned That The Frozen Treat Has The Flavor Of Charred Dirt In Their Comments. Ouch!

Totally Natural Hard-Boiled Eggs By Kirkland

A Post On Reddit Made By User U/Simpleout That Was Critical Of The Organic Hard-Boiled Eggs Sold By Costco’s Kirkland Brand Received More Than 400 Upvotes. According To What The Post Said, Those Eggs That Have Been Hard-Boiled Have An Odd Flavour And Are Rather Revolting.

In Spite Of The Initial Enthusiasm Shown By Commenters, A Clear Divide Emerged: While Some Shoppers Adored The Costco Product, Others Were Adamantly Opposed To It.

“I’ve Had These Before, And They Always Seem To Have A Weird Flavor To Me.” “These Are Something That I’ve Had Before, And They Seem To Have A Strange Flavor To Me.” One User Commented, “It’s Almost Like I Can Taste The Plastic,” While Another User Stated, “I Eat The Heck Out Of These And Have Not Had Any Issues.”

Perhaps You Obtained A Batch That Had Been Incorrectly Stored.” Some People Skipped Reading About Both Sides Of The Argument And Instead Went Straight To The Tips On How To Boil Eggs At Home. These People Can Be Identified By The Fact That They Went To The Tips.

Potatoes, Fruits, And Vegetables

Despite The Fact That The Bag Itself Had A Shelf Life Of Up To Five Weeks, One User On Reddit Reported That Two Weeks After Purchasing A Bag Of Russet Potatoes From Costco, The Potatoes Had Already Begun To Go Bad, Despite The Fact That The Bag Itself Had A Shelf Life Of Up To Five Weeks.

Others Chimed In To Relay Stories With A Similar Theme, With The Proviso That This Phenomenon Was Not Unique To Potato Farming Alone.

It Was Reported That Other Items, Including Strawberries, Oranges, Bananas, And Tomatoes, Among Other Things, Were Not Up To Par And Had Gone Bad After Being Purchased From The Aforementioned Megastore.

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