How To Make A Meatless Thanksgiving Feast

A Lot Of People Think That Thanksgiving Should Be All About The Turkey, But We’d Like To Argue That This Isn’t True.

You Can Make Ham, Roasted Chicken, Or No Meat At All.

If You Want Your Whole Meal To Be Meat-Free Or Are Looking For Ideas To Give To A Vegetarian Friend Or Cousin (Who Will Be So Happy That You Thought Of Them), We Have Some Suggestions For You Below.

Check Out Our Collection Of Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes; We’re Willing To Bet That You Won’t Even Miss The Meat.

If You And Your Family Are Vegetarians, It’s Not Hard To See Why You Shouldn’t Eat Turkey On Thanksgiving. Some Of The Reasons Include, But Are Not Limited To, The Following:

There Are A Lot Of Reasons Not To Eat The Bird, Such As The Fact That It Can Go Wrong In Spectacular Ways And Cause Family Fights Over Who Gets The Drumsticks.

You Won’t Have To Spend Hours Cooking A Chicken That Will Take Up Your Whole Oven. This Gives You More Time To Focus On The Other Parts Of The Meal That Really Need Your Attention.

Yes, We’re Going To Say It: The Sides Are The Most Important Part Of The Thanksgiving Meal, And If You Don’t Eat The Turkey, You Can Eat As Many Of Them As You Want.

Because Most Traditional Sides Are Mostly Vegetarian (And We’ve Got You Covered For Those That Aren’t, Like Stuffing And Gravy), We Won’t List Them All Here. Instead, We’ll Focus On Some Alternatives To The Main Dish, Which Is The Focus Of The Meal.

Do You Miss The Turkey, Which Was The Main Dish? You Can Replace It With Something Just As Wonderful, Like Our Whole Roasted Cabbage, Our Pumpkins Filled With Stuffing, Or Our Thanksgiving Cauliflower.

You Don’t Want The Vegetarian Dish You Made To Be The Highlight Of The Meal, But You Do Want It To Be Memorable, Right? Try Your Hand At Making Our Chicken-Fried Cauliflower, Beet Wellingtons, Or Vegan Mushroom Pot Pie.

You Can Find All Three Recipes On Our Site. They Taste Just As Good As Their Meat-Based Counterparts And Are Sure To Win The Hearts Of Any Vegetarians Who Try Them.

Do You Want More Thanksgiving Ideas? Check Out Our Best Thanksgiving Plant-Based Dinners, Our Best Thanksgiving Drinks, And Our Favorite Thanksgiving Pies. Since It’s Your Holiday, You Can Make Anything You Want.

Stuffing Made Simply With Cranberries

It Is Possible To Make A Filling That Pleases Everyone Without Utilizing Any Kind Of Meat At All. You Can Always Send Someone Home Without Dessert If They Complain About The Meatless Stuffing Because The Dessert Is Loaded With All Of The Traditional Thanksgiving Ingredients Like Apples, Cranberries, Sage, And Thyme. If They Do Complain, You Can Always Send Them Home Without Dessert.

Stuffed Butternut Squash

After Baking The Squash With Brown Sugar And Butter Until It Is Tender, Top It With A Filling Made Of Quinoa, Kale, And Chickpeas For A Filling That Is High In Protein And Fiber.

The Sweet And Savory Pilaf, Which Is Studded With Dried Cranberries And Pumpkin Seeds, Achieves The Ideal Balance Of Texture, Flavor, And Color. What More Could You Want For Thanksgiving Than A Dish That Is Not Only Delicious But Also Loaded With Protein And Fills You Up?

Roasted Cabbage Heads Whole

This Whole-Roasted Beauty Is The Best Christmas Option Available To Vegetarians. On The Exterior, It Exhibits Savory, Sweet, And Salty Flavors, While The Interior Is Incredibly Tender To The Touch.

When It Is Covered In A Thick Layer Of Velvety Mushroom Gravy, Our Best Guess Is That No One At Your Table Will Miss The Meat At All.

Vegetarian Mushroom Gravy

Everyone At The Thanksgiving Table, From Vegetarians To Carnivores, Will Be Ladling This Flavor-Packed Gravy All Over The Various Thanksgiving Sides. This Gravy May Be Prepared In A Matter Of Minutes, And It Does Not Require Roasting A Whole Chicken Or Turkey First.

Vegan Mushroom Pot Pie

On Thanksgiving, When It’s Cold Outside, Nothing Beats A Steaming Hot Pot Pie That’s Packed With Creamy, Savory Gravy, Sweet And Delicate Vegetables, And Topped With A Shatteringly Crisp Crust. When It Comes To Thanksgiving Food, Nothing Beats A Pot Pie.

In This Dish, Meat Is Replaced With Mushrooms, Which Taste Similarly To Their Meaty Counterparts But Are Healthier.

Vegetable Casserole

Even Though The Stewy Eggplant And Squash Interior Is Delicious, We Believe That The Stacked Potatoes With Melty Cheese Are Our Favorite Part Of This Dish.

We Chose Gruyeres As The Topping For This Bubbly Baked Dish Because It Is The Melty Cheese Of Choice In Many French Dishes; However, You Are Free To Substitute Whatever Cheese You Like In Its Place If You So Choose.

Cauliflower With A Balsamic Glaze And Roasted

Cauliflower That Has Been Roasted Makes For An Excellent Main Course Option For Vegetarians. This One Is Baked With Additional Vegetables And Has A Glaze That Is Somewhat Sweetened With Balsamic Vinegar.

You Won’t Spend Much Time Preparing It, But It Will Leave You Feeling Satisfied Rather Than Sluggish After Eating It. Win!

Cheeseball Made With Turkey

You Shouldn’t Let The Fact That You’re Not Serving A Traditional Turkey Prevent You From Getting Into The Holiday Spirit. This Adorable Little Round Of Cheese Is Here To Assist You In Any Way It Can.

Carrots, Pecans, Pretzels, And Bell Peppers Were Used To Create Our Trademark Appearance; However, You May Get The Same Effect By Making Use Of Any Ingredients That You Already Have On Hand. Complement The Crackers With The Garnishes By Using Them As Dipping Vessels.

Baked Gnocchi And Kale In A Creamy Sauce

This Hearty And Creamy Kale And Gnocchi Bake Is Sure To Win Over Fans Of Creamed Spinach Thanks To Its Delicious Combination Of The Two Ingredients.

This Meal Places The Traditional Side Dish In The Front And Center Position On Your Plate, And The Gnocchi Serves As The Centerpiece Of The Dish.

It Is Possible To Prepare The Dish In A Very Short Amount Of Time Due To The Fact That The Gnocchi Are Cooked Directly In The Sauce. As A Direct Consequence Of This, The Gnocchi Both Improve In Flavour And In The Overall Texture.

Pumpkin Lasagna

You Could Be Fooled Into Believing That Pumpkin Lasagna Does Not Possess The Same Level Of Sexual Allure As, For Example, Lasagna Bolognese.

This Vegetable Lasagna Has Layers Of Gooey Fontina And Mozzarella Cheese, As Well As Hints Of Sage And Nutmeg; It Is Delicious, And You Will Want More Of It.

Spinach Puffs

Puff Pastry Puffs That Have Been Baked To Perfection And Taste Just Like Baked Spinach Dip May Be Found Here.

Puff Pastry Cups Are Used, And The Insides Are Stuffed With A Mixture Of Cream Cheese, Sautéed Spinach, Onions, And Garlic. The Filling Is Then Topped With More Puff Pastry. I Can’t Believe You Were Going To Stop At Just One!

Loaf Of Vegan Meat

This Substantial “Meat” Loaf Is Made Primarily Of Chickpeas And Baby Bella Mushrooms, Both Of Which Are Vegetarian Alternatives To Meat. There’s No Way Around It: We’re Completely Obsessed With You.

This Dish, Together With Vegan Mashed Potatoes And Green Beans, Is Included In The Best Vegetarian Thanksgiving Meal That Has Ever Been Prepared.

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