Trevor Noah quits The Daily Show on December 8. After his departure, Comedy Central will host celebrity guests.

Comedy Central executives are unsure who will succeed Trevor Noah as host of The Daily Show after his departure.

Before a new host takes over, the network has revealed a list of A-list guest hosts beginning January 17.

Franken, Handler, Hughley, Jones, Leguizamo, Minhaj, Penn, Silverman, Sykes, and Wayans are among the people who will be hosting.

Chris McCarthy, president of Paramount Media Networks, reflected on Noah's legacy after seven years on the air. On September 29th, Noah announced his exit.

"Thanks to Trevor," he said. "Trevor redefined the show, as did Jon Stewart before him, and we're excited to reimagine it with this incredible list of talent and correspondents"

Beginning on December 5, the series has been taking a "celebratory look back at his greatest moments" in preparation for his final episode on December 8.

Trevor Noah's personality infused the show. His showmanship impressed everyone. He'd hurt the network. Wait for the verdict.