Chris Evans, known as Captain America in the MCU, and Alba Baptista, known for "Warrior Nun" on Netflix, are said to be dating for over a year.

On January 6, Evans uploaded a video compilation to his Instagram account that included Baptista and themselves engaging in amusing antics.

In the video, they can be seen shocking each other, and Evans' dog, Dodger, also makes an appearance.

This is the very first time that Evans has shown Baptista any of his videos in a public setting.

Neither Evans nor Baptista has come forward to officially acknowledge that they are dating.

During the month of July, while Evans was promoting his picture "The Gray Man," he gave an interview in which he revealed his wish to find a life companion.

Evans is a well-known actor who, in addition to appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has made appearances in a number of critically acclaimed films and television episodes.

Fans have posted the footage that Evans uploaded on their own social media sites after they watched it.