Britney Spears agrees to let ex-husband Kevin Federline move to Hawaii with their two sons,according to Federline’s lawyer.

Spears gives her consent in a letter to Kaplan after he requests permission for the relocation for his family and the boys.

The letter, obtained also shows Spears’ lawyer Mathew Rosengart criticizing Kaplan for making the matter public, calling it “undignified”.

Kaplan responds to Rosengart by saying he is not interested in an “involuntary pen-pal relationship” with him and he is pleased with Spears’ endorsement.

The move requires extensive planning and involves Federline’s wife Victoria Prince and the boys’ stepmother.

Kaplan says that even though Federline has sole legal custody of the boys for the last 15 months or more, the law still requires him to get Spears’ consent.

 Reporters reach out to lawyers for both parties but do not receive a comment.

Spears shared a rare post about it on Instagram, saying she hasn’t been able to shoot them for four years because they are at an awkward age.

She adds that she was happy to make contact with them and that her husband Sam Asghari is also camera shy.