What Is Pizza In The Brooklyn Style?

There Is A Form Of Pizza That Is Popular In New York City And Has Been There For More Than A Century Called Brooklyn-Style Pizza. It Is Distinguished By Its Use Of A Thin-Crust Dough And Ovens Burned With Coal. Visiting One Of The Many Pizza Restaurants In Brooklyn That Serves This Delectable Meal Is The Ideal Approach To Get The Most Out Of The Experience And Fully Appreciate All That It Has To Offer.

This Article Examines What “Brooklyn Style Pizza” Is, Where It Can Be Found, And The Reasons Why It Is So Delicious.

    What Is Brooklyn Style Pizza ?

    As The Name Suggests, The Origin Of Pizza Made In The Brooklyn Style May Be Traced Back To The Borough Of Brooklyn. The Classic Approach To Preparing It Has Been Preserved From One Generation To The Next, And The Resulting Dish Has Become An Esteemed Component Of The Cuisine Of New York City.

    Although Many Pizzerias Choose To Keep Their Recipe A Closely Guarded Secret, It Is Common Knowledge That The Dough Should Be Paper-Thin And Crisp, And That The Cheese Should Complement The Toppings Rather Than Completely Cover Them. Instead Of Being Incorporated Into The Dough Itself, The Sauce Is Placed On Top Of The Melted Mozzarella.

    Because Of The Mix Of These Ingredients, It Is Noticeably Airier And Less Dense Than Other Forms Of Pizza Dough. 

    It Is Able To Withstand Thick Slices Of Meat Or Vegetables Without Becoming Soggy As A Result Of An Excessive Amount Of Sauce. Instead, You Get The Ideal Combination Of A Crust Made Of Bread And Toppings That Are Refreshing.

    Where Can You Find Pizza Made In The Brooklyn Style ?

    If You Now Know What Brooklyn Style Pizza Is, The Next Question Is Where You Can Get It. Here Are Some Well-Known Pizza Places In New York City That Have Been Serving Dishes Of This Kind For Many Years.

    Since 1905, Lombardi’s Pizza Has Been A Mainstay In New York City’s Dining Scene As The City’s Pioneering Pizza Joint. Although It Once Stood In Dumbo, The Building That Houses It Now May Be Found In Little Italy After Being Destroyed By Fire More Than Twenty Years Ago. This Restaurant Is Well-Known In The Community For Its Coal-Fired Ovens And Traditional Italian Fare.

    Roberta’s Was Established By Two Cooks From Philadelphia With The Intention Of Putting Their Own Distinctive Touch On Traditional Italian Fare. On Their Menu, You’ll Find Selections Like Spicy Honey Pie With Ricotta, Pistachios, And Panna, As Well As A Truffle Option. In Addition To Pizza, They Provide Salads, Sandwiches, And Other Pasta Dishes For Lunch And Dinner.

    Patsy’s Has Been In Business Continuously Since 1933! East Harlem Is Where Pasquale “Patsy” Lancieri Established The Business. His Mother Was The One Who Taught Him How To Cook Authentic Italian Cuisine, And He Later Opened A Restaurant That Focused Primarily On Sicilian Cuisine. His Restaurant Is Famous For Its Chicken Parmesan Sandwich, Arugula Salad, And Brooklyn-Style Pizza, Among Other Dishes.

    Another Pizza Restaurant That Has Been In Business For Decades Is Called Joe’s. Although It Has Switched Locations Since Its Founding In 1933, The Company’s First Year Of Operation Was 1933.

    It First Opened Its Doors In 1967 On Carmine Street, Which Is Its Current Site. Joe’s Is Known For Its Thin-Crust Pizza And Provides Customers With A Diverse Selection Of Toppings From Which To Choose.

    In Case You Were Wondering, Here Are Just A Few Of The Many Restaurants In New York City Where You Can Have Pizza Made In The Brooklyn Manner. There Is An Abundance Of Choice For You To Experience This One-Of-A-Kind Style Of Cooking, So Take Advantage Of It!

    What Makes Brooklyn Style So Great ?

    The Crust Of A Brooklyn-Style Pizza Is Often Very Thin And Crisp, And Despite The Presence Of Many Layers Of Toppings, It Still Manages To Maintain A Light And Airy Texture. This Characteristic Has Contributed To The Pizza’s Widespread Popularity. A Good Number Of Pizza Restaurants Will Advise You To Eat.

    If You Are Interested In Tasting This Delectable Variety Of Pizza, Then You Should Go To One Of These Establishments Or Search For Another Pizzeria That Provides It.

    You May Find Excellent Evaluations Of Pizzerias In New York City On Yelp, Which Will Allow You To Try Pizza From A Variety Of Establishments. If You’re Feeling Peckish, We Highly Recommend Blondie’s Pizza, Which Provides Free Delivery Within A 5-Mile Radius; Thus, Place Your Order For Pizza As Soon As You Can.

    The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pies Made In The Brooklyn Manner As Opposed To Other Styles

    The Crust For A Brooklyn-Style Pie Doesn’t Need A Lot Of Liquid To Get Flavorful, So Even If It’s Light, It’s Still Delicious. It Is Slightly More Expensive Than Other Varieties Of Pizza, However Most Pizza Restaurants Give Savings If You Order By The Slice Instead Of The Whole Pie.

    In Spite Of The Fact That This Particular Pizza Is Thinner, It Still Only Takes A Shorter Amount Of Time To Cook, Which Means That Your Meal Will Be Ready Sooner Than It Would Be With Some Of The Other Available Choices. Because Of This, It Is Simple For Restaurants To Produce Big Quantities Of Food At Once For Customers Who Are Looking For A Quick Bite.

    A Comparison Of Romana And Sicilian Pizza With The Brooklyn Style Of Pizza (Including Ingredients)

    Due To The Fact That Brooklyn’s Version Of Pizza Developed From Romana And Sicilian Pies, Many People Connect This Kind Of Pizza To Those Two Varieties Of Pies. Nevertheless, There Are A Few Significant Distinctions, Including The Following:

    Pizzas Made In The Romana And Sicilian Styles Have Thicker Crusts Than Those Made In The Brooklyn Style.

    When Making The Pie, Pizza Made In The Brooklyn Style Requires Less Dough Than Other Styles, Which Means That It Is Less Expensive For Eateries To Prepare.

    The Toppings On A Pizza Made In The Brooklyn Style Are More Plentiful Than Those On A Romana Or Sicilian Pie.

    Some Individuals Believe That Brooklyn-Style Pie Is A “Upscale” Version Of Either Type Of Meal, But Others Disagree. In Addition, Most Of The Italian Cuisine, Including The Various Kinds Of Pizza Described Above, Is Prepared In An Oven That Is Fueled By Coal.

    On The Other Hand, Because The Goods In This Brick Oven Can Be Cooked More Quickly, You Won’t Have To Wait As Long For Your Order As You May At Some Of The City’s Other Pizza Restaurants.

    Patsy’s Is The Place To Go If You Are Seeking For A Restaurant That Offers All Three Varieties Of Pizza In Its Menu. On Yelp, You’ll Also Find A Wealth Of Positive Comments Pertaining To Joe’s Pizza And Famous Ray’s Pizza.

    Other Varieties Of Pizza With Toppings That Are Common In New York City Are As Follows:

    Pizza In New York City Can Be Topped With A Wide Variety Of Ingredients, From The Standard Tomato Sauce And Mozzarella Cheese To More Experimental Combinations. Some Examples Of This Are As Follows:

    • Pepperoni, A Time-Honored Condiment That Has Been In Existence For Many Years!
    • Meatballs Are Yet Another Well-Liked Choice That Go Wonderfully With Either Red Or White Sauce.
    •  If You’re Looking For Something A Little Bit Different, Sausage Is A Great Alternative To Pepperoni That You May Put On Your Pizza.
    • On Pizzas Made In The Brooklyn Style, Some Of The Toppings That Are Available Include Broccoli Rabe, Kale, Ricotta, And Pistachios.
    • Even Though They Aren’t As Prevalent As The Typical Forms Of Toppings Discussed Previously, Many Individuals Nonetheless Find That They’re Delicious. On Many Of These Pizzas, Other Toppings Like Mushrooms, Garlic, Arugula, And Anchovies Can Also Be Found.
    • You’ll Also Have An Easier Time Finding Pies That Cater To Your Dietary Requirements Thanks To The Growing Availability Of Vegan And Gluten-Free Choices. You Can Even Get Unusual Flavors That Vary The Typical Style, Such As Pesto, White Pizza, And Buffalo Chicken, All Of Which Are Made With Special Ingredients.
    • Barbecue Chicken: If You’re Searching For Something New And Different, You Can Try Topping A Brooklyn-Style Pie With Barbecue Sauce Instead Of Traditional Tomato Sauce. This Is Especially The Case If You Use This Type Of Sauce, Which Has A More Sour Flavor Than Other Varieties.

    How Does One Make A Brooklyn Pizza ?

    The First Step Is To Start With A Traditional Dough That Has The Ideal Consistency To Be Rolled Out Into A Paper-Thin And Crunchy Crust. After That, The Person Making The Pizza Distributes The Sauce Out In An Even Layer So That The Other Toppings Can Be Placed Directly On Top Of It.

    They Typically Make Use Of Shredded Mozzarella Cheese Due To The Fact That The Slices Are So Thin And Sticky That They Do Not Require Anything Additional To Be Placed Underneath Them!


    The Traditional Dough Used To Make The Dough Brooklyn Pizzas Results In A Product That Is Crisp, Thin, And Simple To Fold In Half If You Plan On Eating The Pizza With Your Hands. Before Deciding On A Crust That Is Either Thicker Or Thinner, We Normally Advise Beginning With A Standard Crust So That You Can Have A Sense Of How The Pie Will Turn Out.

    The Seasonings And The Sauce

    Some Restaurants Incorporate The Pizza Sauce Into The Dough During The Baking Process, While Others Spread An Even Layer Of Sauce Under The Toppings. This Indicates That You Are More Likely To Encounter Wet Areas On Your Slices If You Request One To Be Delivered To Your Home As Opposed To When You Are Picking Up An Order For Pickup Or Delivery.

    Unless You Specifically Ask Them Not To, Domino’s Will Top Its Pizzas With Shredded Mozzarella Cheese. This Means That It Will Already Be There When You Add Any Of Your Favorite Toppings. 

    If You Aren’t Content With The Choices They Offer As Standard, You May Always Ask For Additional Cheese, Pepperoni, Or Any Of Your Other Favorite Toppings.

    How Should A Pizza Made In The Brooklyn Style Be Served ?

    If You Choose, You Can Eat This Particular Form Of Pizza With Your Hands, But It Can Also Be Chopped Into Smaller Pieces That Are Simpler To Control If You Grab A Knife And Fork Instead.

    Of Course, This Involves Giving Up Part Of The Crispiness Around The Edges, Something Traditionalists Don’t Always Have The Luxury Of Doing. It Is Recommended That You Fold The Slice In Half Rather Than Taking Up Each Of The Four Corners Individually So That It Is Easier To Consume.

    A Few Last Words About Pizza Made In The Brooklyn Style

    You Could Find That Most Of The Restaurants That Provide This Kind Of Pizza Have A More Limited Selection Of Toppings And Topping Combinations Compared To Their Competitors. This Is Due To The Fact That They Are Concentrating On Utilizing Fewer Ingredients, Thereby Ensuring That Each One Is Really Fresh!

    However, You Can Never Go Wrong With The Classics, So If You’ve Never Eaten Pepperoni Or Sausage Before, Give Them A Shot. You Won’t Be Disappointed.

    A Pizza Made In The Brooklyn Style Is Characterized By Its Thin, Rectangular Shape, Chunky Tomato Sauce, And Toppings That Reach All The Way To The Corners Of The Pie.

     The Underside Of The Crust Should Be Extremely Crisp, And The Burnt Edges Should Be Almost Completely Blackened.

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